Introducting UBGREEN

UB Green is building a national school food culture that promotes youth wellness. We’re connecting kids to real food through a network of Learning Gardens and food literacy programs

We build Learning Gardens at scale—at least 100 in any given community. Working at scale not only enables us to work more efficiently and cost-effectively, it also accelerates a shift in food culture within a community. To bring our Learning Gardens and education programming to 50,000+ students is to create a much larger change in a region, ensuring that it chooses and values real food over processed, benefiting the community in the long term.

We currently reach over 250,000 students around the country each day, and now seek to accelerate our growth and deepen our impact by expanding our Learning Gardens and programming to ten total regions by 2020, reaching 500,000 students in 1,000 schools.

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What is Learning Garden

Learning Gardens are dynamic outdoor classrooms and productive edible gardens, installed in underserved schools around the country.
  • About Our Program

    Ub Green aims to improve the health of students and communities by creating experiential learning and garden-based education opportunities.

  • Garden Skill & Lessions

    Planting is fun, interactive, and impactful for you and your students. If you will be planting in your Learning Garden consider the following Videos

  • Visit a Learning Garden

    A picture’s worth a thousand words but nothing compares to the real thing.Come take a tour of a Learning Garden near you and experience the magic of our beautiful.

  • Bring a Learning Garden to your community

    We are committed to joining communities as partners for change and are in the process of identifying cities where we believe we can make a real impact.

  • Classroom Resources

    Teaching in your school garden is not only fun, but it is also a great way to bring core academic subjects to life!

  • FAQ's

    Your can get consulting from our expert.

Visit a Learning Garden

Inceptos ante libero eget fringilla arcu. Rutrum interdum nostra fermentum posuere.

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Inceptos ante libero eget fringilla arcu. Rutrum interdum nostra fermentum posuere.

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