We will complete solar systems for schools and colleges over the next few years. Whether your school is located in the suburbs or in a remote region, there are some great opportunities available in terms of funding and earning potential. Solar Schools create important real-life learning environments for sustainability and technology, and being able to monitor electricity consumption puts you in charge. Apart from traditional solar setups there are now possibilities to install hybrid systems which include battery storage, offering the potential for more independence from high demand charges and expensive peak electricity.

When your school will install a hybrid system, the school will enjoy a $0 electricity bill! You are able to take advantage of some excellent grants and rebates, we offer low-cost funding options. Yoomeyoo Energy will do all the project planning, design and installation. We can also help with grant applications to get your solar system financed. On top of that our service includes post-installation support and a free three-year basic Asset Management Package to ensure the best possible performance for your investment.

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