Introducting Drone free service

Drone free service, for environmental protection. Hey, if you see something bad happening we com free for video and pictures with total discretion and bring info on the media. Learn More

Introducting SOS24

"Calling on us means participating in the financing of our Education Program"

Yoomeyoo Pro Service is your partner for urgent or urgent technical interventions.

"Our word: always accept the mission and meet the most unlikely challenges, all in the shortest possible time."

Day and night 24h24, the small technical team, mobile, equipped, specialized, flexible and available, puts its know-how at your service to meet your challenges. Our particularity is our ability to perform technical interventions in record time.

Our specialties: pruning and felling, industrial assembly assistance, industrial electricity assistance, driving semi-trailer and crane for the industry but also for the companies specialized in the Events? Specific metal constructions.

If you are looking for competent arms for other technical fields, know that the small technical team has an innovative spirit, we will bring you the technical solution essential for your emergency situations. If one day you find yourself in a complicated situation, no matter what it is, we will be by your side and we will help you to meet the challenges!

No limits, challenge us!