Energy Cube

YooMeYoo sensitizes young people concretely and sustainably by developing processes to stimulate change, especially in the production and storage of energy.

YooMeYoo develops Smart Energy Cubes, interactive modules dedicated to Education and Autonomy

The “Energy Cubes”

1/- Are evolving according to needs.
2/- Enable production, management, storage, sharing of energy with the community.
3/· Assist in the initiation and learning of the computer tool.


  1.  Because I want to stay in connection with my friends and family everywhere at anytime.
  2. I’m a boy. I like engineer. Mostly boys have geeky mind.
  3. I need more toys.
  4. I need a cube for charging my phone when i do camping.
  5. Autonomy.
  6. Because i love technology. It’s fun to have a cube to give energy to my iphone, my pc, my ipad, my ipod, my usb key, my tablet, my mobile, my printer…
  7. I want to read books all the time, even when light is low.
  8. To limit the impact of my life on earth
  9. It’s popular device.
  10. Its a universal storage cube, it’s energy is universal.
  11. I need to talk
  12. I need to know where i am
  13. Because I need to save all the Energy I use.
  14. To bring my ideas for cool projects
  15. To be one of them: Energy Maker.
  16. It is not only a toy, but a bridge connect child and becoming as an adult.
  17. It can connect to my other toys so it physically grows as well as my experience/knowledge.
  18. I can feel more to my family/friends/society.
  19. Community of quality.
  20. It feels like a block. I can put them together build up something.
  21. Because i won’t have to fight with my parents or my sister to get a free connection to charge my mobile.
  22. Because my friends have one, i need one.
  23. Because my parents told me that it was a good solution to manage my budget.
  24. To feel free to move with my own energy. No more battery, low stress.
  25. For my phone or laptop, i like to listen music everywhere, so with the Cube it is possible
  26. I need eyes.
  27. Independance
  28. If my friend has one, somehow i feel I want.
  29. If my friend does not have one, I have one. I’m exceptionnal.
  30. Perfect as a gift.
  31. I want a EQBE because it’s an easy way to be active into”green think”. (=eco-friendly).
  32. Powder of magnets with or without any liquid, that you move with your fingers to “draw”. It’s connected with electricity.
Smart cube