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The YooMeYoo Energy Education Development Project is dedicated to promoting an energy conscious and educated society by creating effective networks of students, educators, business, government and community leaders.
To encourage this, one of our aims is to build a Smart Grid Experience, on the factory site: a large area, constructed to replicate a small city environment, complete with high voltage towers, grid, lights, roads even – navigated by electric carts. To maintain this environment, we want to encourage residents and visitors to work together to ensure everything continues to work. Even children will be able to join these technical teams; helping to repair the solar cells, store energy, and even produce energy. The project is designed to bridge a societal gap, and to bring makers,innovators, and curious young minds together. Our primary audience are schools (6-18 years old), youth centers, children’s charities and non-profit associations. We want to create a dedicated creative, educational space where children can learn autonomously and experiment with energy-focused maker technology; in a safe, proactive environment. To do this, we first need to build a maker community; which is why we’re committed to building a versatile space where they can access tools, workshops, and private areas. We see makers as: Autonomous educators: the link between children and the factory Able to offer experience and expertise.

Key participants in the Research & Development of Smart Grid modules.

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We are a seed-to-sales urban farm, connecting people in cities to local, real food.

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